Rats & Mice

If rats, mice or any other creatures have been a problem in your home before, there’s a good chance they’ll return again. The only effective technique for wildlife control is exclusion, or sealing up gaps in your home. Mike’s Pest Management is a family-owned, that has serviced the Lehigh Valley, PA area for 25 Years.


What Homeowners need to know

  • Rats/Mice can get through an opening that’s only a half-inch in diameter. Common points of entry include vents and doors within crawl spaces, roof and exhaust vents, plus areas along the fascia and soffit, and the construction gap.
  • Our technicians can prevent rodents from getting in through these gaps without compromising the cosmetic integrity of your home.
  • All work comes with a 30 Day Warranty


Our Approach

As a pest control company, we offer advanced protection against many common pests. We implement a unique three-step process to assess and help protect your home every time we visit. This means we work to:

  1. Assess your home through our free, comprehensive inspections.
  2. Implement unique solutions for your home that focus on control and prevention.
  3. Monitor your home for problems and to ensure ongoing protection.

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