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Our Mosquito Control Measures Let You Enjoy The Outdoors Again

Mosquitoes can become a huge problem around your home and business, making it so you venture outside only when necessary. Stop avoiding the outdoors, and get professional mosquito control assistance, instead. Mike’s Pest Management  specializes in mosquito control techniques for clients in Lehigh Valley, PA

Male mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, but females must feed on blood in order to reproduce. For that reason, females are particularly problematic to humans. During the day, both males and females rest in shady areas such as underneath decks and within tall grass, but as dusk falls, females come out in search of humans and warm-blooded animals.

At Mike’s Pest Management , we treat all the areas mosquitoes inhabit while resting, so the problem is tackled thoroughly. Additionally, we base the cost on the size of the areas requiring treatment. Contact us now and let us assess your situation. Mosquitoes can be troublesome for everyone, but with our help, you can get a grasp on the issue and prevent it from making you steer clear of opportunities to go outside.

Other Interesting Facts

  • The lifespan of a mosquito is about a week long, and the first three stages occur in water.
  • Mosquitoes only have a flight range of a few hundred feet. They are poor fliers and must frequently stop to rest.
  • Mosquito season takes place from March to October.
  • The majority of female mosquitoes live about two to three weeks.

If you live in Lehigh Valley, PA , call us for a free consultation. We’re mosquito control experts and can help you enjoy the outdoors again.

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