Bed Bugs

The Truth About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have made a comeback since the days of DDT. However, research dollars have been well spent and now newer, better and safer methods of elimination now exist. Mike’s Pest Management utilizes these advanced methods when treating for bed bugs. In combination with mattress and box springs encasement’s, monitors and a residual barrier, Mike’s Pest Management offers a 30 day warranty when treating for bed bugs. Follow-up visits are important and that is why at Mike’s Pest Management, we stand behind our warranty.

Things to Know

  • Females lay between three to eight eggs at a time, totaling from 300-500 eggs throughout a lifespan.
  • Although it takes between seven and twelve days for an egg to hatch, bed bugs don’t reach the adult stage until they are between 32-48 days old.
  • While in the process of reaching the adult stage, a bed bug will molt five times.
  • A bed bug can feed in just five to ten minutes.
  • On average, adult bed bugs live about ten months.

Bed Bug Appearance and Behavior

Recently hatched bed bugs are translucent and lighter in color than their adult counterparts. As they go through molting stages and mature, they take on a more brown tone. Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye, and identified by a flat, wingless oval-shaped body that’s covered with microscopic hairs. Adults can become about five millimeters in size.

Bed bugs prefer to be active at night, and attack just before dawn (usually between 1am-4am). They are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide, and can be found in dirty areas, as well as those that are kept very clean. Although bed bugs do bite humans, they are not known to transmit diseases.

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Our Approach

As a pest control company, we offer advanced protection against many common pests. We implement a unique three-step process to assess and help protect your home every time we visit. This means we work to:

  1. Assess your home through our free, comprehensive inspections.
  2. Implement unique solutions for your home that focus on control and prevention.
  3. Monitor your home for problems and to ensure ongoing protection.

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